My ultra-personal inner monologue


As I walked into the cafeteria at work today, I saw someone whom I suppose could be classed as an ‘enemy’. We have mutually exclusive views; on some issues we stand completely opposed. For example, I believe in honesty and integrity, he seems to think it fine to swindle his employer out of money by awarding contracts to his own fake companies.

In all honesty, I can (sometimes) see his point of view, and I don’t think he intentionally evil. I might not agree with him, but I do understand why he did what he believed to be acceptable.

This got me to thinking about his view of me. Perhaps I’m not as great as I think I am? Surely not in his eyes! Maybe my sense of purpose and destiny on this planet is merely a case of arrogance.

Not impossible. I hope that’s the real misconception.


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