My ultra-personal inner monologue

I think I can

Another compulsory post. That’s the thing with self-discipline: you can only hate yourself. I much prefer this to externally enforced discipline. In fact, I’m known to be somewhat anti-authoritarian in that regard.

The intention with this journal is also to try and put the proverbial pen to paper on a daily basis. I have done this before to a lesser extent, so now I am testing myself again. It’s good to set these small trials for oneself. More than two years ago I tried to quit smoking, and so far it’s working fine, earlier this year we moved and so far that is also for the best. Similar test have included managing my weight, improving my physical appearance, growing my hair and other small – but significant – challenges.

This afternoon I had a lovely meeting with Angelina, and we covered a lot of ground. We were in the club with some of the best coffee, and the relaxed environment enabled us to talk for two hours without noticing the pass of time. Hopefully it will turn out to be a fruitful meeting – she jokingly hinted that I might hopefully join their team.

I also visited the gym for the first time, and made an appointment to meet with a personal trainer. This is part of another challenge. For six months I not done any sport and I have let my body go absolutely down the drain. I’ve picked up 7-8 kg and have the start of an impressive beer belly. Let’s see if I can shake it off.

The city was warm today, at a moderate 12 degrees it’s about as hot/cold as our previous home – not much difference there! Kevin is going to Nairobi next week, and asked some tips on what to see and do. Only later did his hidden agenda come to light: we finally came round to discussing whether he will be safe or not…

This morning I think I might have made a breakthrough: the thought struck me on the train in to work. Viewing things from an information perspective, where it’s the amount of information one has (or not) that determines everything. Take traffic signals and road safety as an example. Clutter is essential the less the road users know; the more information they have, the less road side clutter there needs to be


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