My ultra-personal inner monologue

Keep on keeping on

I have to blog every day, even if it is nonsense like this to keep the momentum going.

The point of this specific blog is as a journal of my thoughts and feelings. Not only ambitious but also profoundly inadequate: obviously one thinks and feels every second of the day whether awake or asleep. I am already capturing every thing: it’s called ‘living’ and I love it!

This is purely an introspective journal, as my family life is blogged elsewhere, and my professional life yet again in another blog. My great love – my family – is served with the utmost love in their dedicated journal for the world to enjoy. The professional side of things is also in a separate blog – and vastly understaffed.

Despite working from home today, I was not as productive as I had hoped: the first couple of hours are always applied to get used to the wonderfully rich environment. Added to this was the slow service at the local bank – twice in one afternoon. It did mean that I picked up another bargain at Oxfam. A wonderful find; a Debenhams coat in sand coloured pure new wool for the ridiculous sum of £7.

My family blog saw it’s most prolific commenting run today. So far 12 comments and counting, and it started off with one of the first negative posts I’ve ever done. C, her mother and I had a wonderful discussion on our move and theirs, and all it entails.

Last week was particularly tough on us, perhaps the toughest time K and I have faced since we’ve been here. It was damn difficult with our guests, because t’s the first time ever we had to entertain them for a change. It was also painful to look at all the wonderful, sunny photgraphs and realise I took the family waway from that. However, like K said: it was a mutual decision.

I have spent most of the day (and the past week) seriously contemplating the merits of our move. Rationally it is still the best thing to have done, and emotionally I believe so as well. It’s always particularly easy (and satisfying?) to make judgements when the situation is comfortable.

Last week was tough on me because I was upset. Without necessarily realising it, I missed them more than I thought to admit.

On to the future. Blog blog blog and keep on keeping on


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