My ultra-personal inner monologue

More than a feeling

The problem with modern science is that everything is empirical.

In other words we only accept what we can observe directly. The contradiction in this, of course is that we trust on faith the moment we document the proof and then ask other people to believe our observations. Science demands empirical proof only, yet it propagates ideas through faith: the belief that the documented information readers consume is correct.

But science has another critical aspect: reproduction or verification of results. Not only do we have to observe things, the theory explaining the results must predict all future occurrences.

So science wants us to use faith and believe in the results of other people’s observations, and also have faith in believing theories can predict future events.

Of course, I regard myself as a scientist. I absolutely cannot accept anything else but the empirical, scientific model for advancement.

However, I am a human being as well, and it seems sad to think that we only accept things that we ourselves can observe. Which naturally explains why scientific study and prediction breaks down when it needs to describe such complex and abstract issues as love or hate.

Despite the possible biological, physiological or other explanations for mood, feelings and emotions, I instinctively feel there should be much more to this life than merely what we can observe with our senses.


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