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Where are my manners and my remember-things-part

I have to admit, blogger is not working for me. I’m used to WordPress, and have both my own personal blog on a server I manage myself as well as another blog run by someone else but also using WordPress. This is my third blog attempt on Blogger, and it’s always been disappointing.

Yesterday saw no post from me, purely because I was sitting until after two in the morning watching Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at MacWorld 2007. History in the making.

Finally I visited the gym yesterday, and again today to complete my first program. Boy, am I stiff! This is the last week of easy days at the office – next week we have our American whirlwind colleague back in the office and the pace picks up considerably.

These week has been tough on me physically. Not only did I finally start looking after my body again, but I haven’t slept more than about 4-5 hours per night, and mostly interrupted by Emma.

It’s not a excuse for missing a day of writing, but it’s not good.

At least that’s one way of keeping your mind occupied – or switched off? I can’t spend much time thinking too deep as I’m just expending the energy to try and keep going. Then again, I absolutely cannot seem to go to bed before about 2. If I do get to bed by 0ne (perhaps tonight), I feel like I’m spoiling myself: both in terms of overindulgence as well as marring my body.


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