My ultra-personal inner monologue

Sometimes tough

Ever since my in-laws visited, I’ve had some tough spells where I honestly do miss our old home. Stupid little things like the supermarket on the corner or the shopping mall.

Perhaps I miss the people as well, but I suspect I cannot admit to that yet – I might not be able to handle it so well.

Last night a dreamt that we would be moving again this year (about the same time as last year), only this time it will be to America. I woke up with an uneasy feeling.

At least we’re having another wonderfully calm and quiet weekend at home. The weather’s not that bad at all – a bit grey and somewhat rainy – but we just want to spend it at home in each other’s company.

I hate fighting with my first princess, but I am so hyper sensitive to everything she says and does. She should be perfect in every aspect, and this makes me highly critical but also super supportive of her. Sometimes when I am tense though we end up fighting unnecessarily. It’s such a damn fine line between discipline and breaking their will.

And here she stride in demanding to have a pillow fight. Oh, who am I to argue…


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