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Cory does well

I’m impressed with Cory, but also more than a little envious. His new book of SF short stories is out, and he’s been nominated for numerous awards including a Hugo. In addition to this he writes for some of the best publications in the United States, and he is also the founder of the influential technology blog BoingBoing.

How does he do it, and where does he find the time?

He is only about four or five years older than I am, so it’s not as if he’s had a decade or more then me to buid up speed.

On the other hand, I have had some people ask me – repeatedly – where I get the time to do everything that I accomplish. These are people for whom I have huge amounts of respect, as they are extremely successful in their respective areas. Receiving such compliments from these type of people is flattering.

In terms of happiness I believe my life is as perfect as humanly possible – both on a personal as well as a professional level I am more than reasonably successful. My restlessness stems from the fact that I’m not making the world a better place yet. It sounds cheesy, but the true measure still lies in how much you can improve the world – did you leave it a better place than you found it? What was your influence? And how does one measure it?

Einstein is quoted with a wonderful quip about how one should ‘add value’ as opposed to merely changing things.

Although, realistically, Cory probably doesn’t bother with self centred and introspective nonsense blog postings. He uses time like this to write things that sell.


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