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Freedom for Helium

There is no such thing as true – universal – freedom.

The concept of freedom is dissimilar between different civilisations, societies and people, and it might even differ between members of the same group. Varying ethical norms and values between disparate heterogeneous groups ensure that people have decidedly unique opinions of what the term ‘freedom’ means.

As an example, a poverty stricken child in Africa has a vastly different concept to ‘freedom’ than a depressed white child in upper class English society. Even our modern concept of political freedom is very much bound by Western thought and philosophy.

However, it is at least still possible to define certain universal boundaries to freedom, as these boundaries are exactly what defines freedom. One can only be ‘free’ if there is a wider environment in which one can excercise one’s freedom. As an example, a fish caught in a net is not free, as it is immediately restricted in terms of what its concept of ‘freedom’ is.

Let that same fish out of the net. If it is dropped onto the ground (out of the water), is not truly free but is dying because it does not have the proper environment in which to exercise its freedom.

Our proverbial fish needs the water in which to be free, even though it would be considered a limiting factor to a frog, who needs an expanded environment.

We’ve seen that freedom is not only relative, but also needs boundaries (and end) in order to have meaning


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