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Cory does very good

As a follow on of an earlier post, I listened to an interview with Cory Doctorow today discussing writing and his take on it. Not only was I impressed, but it was thoroughly entertaining whilst also being educational.

I appreciate the fact that he admitted to not having the work load and responsibilities of fatherhood. This was in response to Mur asking him to (in effect) brag with his busy life. He serves on several boards, is a published sc-fi-writer and has been nominated for a Hugo Award. and then there’s the minor issue of the Fullbright Chair.

As a child I was hammered with the mantra ‘You can be anything you want to be!’, and it has created the expectation (in myself) that I have to be everything. I am forever grilling myself tormenting myself with the thought that I haven’t changed the world yet, I haven’t become successful yet; I haven’t lived up to expectations yet.

Someone like Cory is young, but extremely successful. On the other hand perhaps I chose a different path than that? He worked in a sci-fi book store as a child, and he went on his first writer’s workshop at 16.

On the other hand, I cannot stay focussed and interested in one thing long enough. My world is too interesting and my life too full to stay bogged down with one idea for too long. I thrive on learning new things and change. As a human I also dread change, naturally, but I am still driven to explore new things.

It’s my experience that truly successful people have two things in common. Firstly, they choose one thing and stick to it. There’s no side tracks, there’s no interesting little by-ways, it’s only one clear-cut highway of purpose for them. Even if they start small or do a lot of little things that add up, they are invariably focused on one issue. Secondly, they work hard. Intelligence has nothing on good old fashioned hard work. Something I realised too late in life?

Not that I’m lazy. At all. But I am only hard working on things that don’t make money.

Wrestling with these thoughts on my recent dark night, I came to a conclusion that shed some light on the matter. It might not be the purpose of life, but it might well be a purpose in my life.

Every day, no matter what else, I have to be the indisputable hero of my girls.


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