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Ambitionless top management

It’s a sad day: the Head of our team’s contract ended.

This has led to a lot of conversation among us about the organisation, but especially about ourselves and our contracts, our views, our ambitions and our ideas. Interestingly, two of my colleagues clearly stated that they had absolutely no ambition to ever be top management. One of them is a multi award winner with some influence in the industry.

I have to agree with them wholeheartedly, of course. However, one does not only make a change and influence the world through top management. On the contrary! Top management is probably the best place to be to keep the status quo ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

On the same day I receive an email from my dearly beloved brother, still languishing on the shit side of the world. One of his statements really got to me. Loosely translated, he said the winners in life are not intelligent and successful people but rather the good people.

Another fine interpretation of this concept is a lovely quote which I cannot attribute right now, but it states that a hero is someone who does the right thing every day.

These approaches to life are anything but defeatist. Instead, I am beginning to believe in this same issue more and more. Living a good life is more important than living a big life.


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