My ultra-personal inner monologue

Regular work worries

It’s not easy working for an ambitious American, especially when she’s older than I am and not a parent herself. She is well intentioned, but it’s still difficult to relate the priorities and difficulties of a working parent. Although she tries to understand, a natural misunderstanding exists which needs to be bridged first.

And of course she is an American, meaning the inevitable, predictable larger-than-life personality also comes into play. She knows what she wants, and she has very definite expectations.

On the other hand, our direct director (tautology?) is back after nearly a year’s maternity leave. As I have only been here for three months now, I obviously don’t know her from Adam. The first couple of days have been fine, apart from my usual slow start on relationships. However, it seems we’ll do fine and we’ve already started to build a good relationship.

It’s a vast difference from the tenured environment where I had a full time position. Currently we’re waiting with bated breath for the final negotiations on our contracts, as we’re not even sure whether it will be renewed, never mind the period. It is stressful, as one constantly has that at the back of one’s mind.


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