My ultra-personal inner monologue

In defense of pen and paper

The problem with online journalling is that I can’t always write down things as I think of them. Perhaps the old pen-and-paper routine with a little pocketbook has its advantages?

To be honest, though, it’s not really a problem of the medium, but rather the environment. I am connected for most of my day. In fact I’m only off-line while travelling to work and back, a measly two hours out of 24 not spent connected. At home I have two computers at my disposal, one of them my laptop (which I also have with me on the train).

In fact, I’m writing this post off-line, so I’m even maximising my off-line times!

The problem lies with my surroundings at work, for example. The open plan office – which grates my privacy loving soul – means I have very, very little time with my own thoughts at all. At home I’d much rather spend my time in the all enveloping company of my girls than capture my selfish thoughts.

Even those quiet times when one are alone tends to be taken up with regrouping and pulling together all the disparate pieces of the self.

It seems I need lead time to become myself again before I can write honestly. Ad there is so much living to do! So much to learn! So much to absorb! Even a creative soul has so much to take in, before the creative process can even start!

Let me take in some food now…


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