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Changing the world today, changing the world tomorrow

It has been a good day at work. I dreaded today initially because I was literally booked solid with meetings for the whole day, but they have all been (mostly) constructive and productive.

The best was the lunchtime brainstorm we had planning a new project. It’s amazing to be involved with such a creative process, even though I was somewhat intimidated at times. This project will also improve the lives of millions of people, so it really feels worthwhile being involved with it.

I’ve been doing some more research for a while now on getting into British politics. At first I completely discounted it, as I am not (yet) a citizen, but I was heartened quite early on in my more formal research.

It turns out our MP was born and raised in New Zealand. Obviously he must be a citizen now, and he’s probably been here for a pretty long time, but it still means there might be hope for my aspirations.

Another positive point was the fact that most MP’s seem to come from a very diverse range of backgrounds. Not a lot of them are political science majors who specialise in politics from the outset of their careers. In fact our MP used to be a dentist, and it appears that most MPs need these different backgrounds to bring extra skills to the political arena.

I’ve always had a fascination with statecraft, and my highly intellectual upbringing probably just honed my natural instincts. Growing up in a liberal and politically active home kept me interested, and we had continual philosophical debates to which everyone was subjected. A degree in philosophy also contributed, but it could even be seen as the culmination of what came before it.

These discussions frequently remind me of my school principle who predicted that I would go into politics. At the time I was inwardly very pleased, but outwardly disgusted.

It has never been my intention to become embroiled in South African politics. As a young white male I could see it as either truly advantageous or terminally dangerous, but I’ve always thought it more lethal than worthwhile.

However, in this new country I’m much more inclined to revisit my original intentions. A career in politics would suit me perfectly, although I think my family needs me more at home for the moment. My hope is to become more active in a couple of years when I am not bound so much to my home life.

Once again it seems I’m not picking the best paying industry…


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