My ultra-personal inner monologue

Personal vs career

Last night Kay made one of those comments that I absolutely love her for. Perhaps I enjoyed the comment just because I want to hear it. But I like to believe I enjoyed it because it’s true.

On third thoughts, perhaps I enjoyed it because I want to hear it and it’s true. They’re not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Let’s despatch with all the needless etymology and discuss her statement.

She complimented me (tremendously) by saying that I put as much work – if not more – into our family as most highly successful people put into their careers. If I divert my energy and focus from my personal life to my career I would be hugely successful in whatever I chose to do.

Admittedly there is a negative view as well – not being ambitious enough – but within context she was thanking me for supporting her during an immensely difficult time at work.

Of course it boosts my ego (a lot), but that does not make the comment less truthful. It’s heart-warming that my efforts get noticed, as I do our in huge amounts of energy into our family.

She suggested that sometime in the future, as the children grow up and become more independent, I’ll be able to focus all my attention to my career.

I’m looking forward to that day with glee, but for now I have as much delight in my family’s well being.


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