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Mulling over money

It’s amazing how one can still keep in touch with old, old friends half a world away.

I have just finished reading an email from my old school love, and it’s been more than a decade since we broke up. We used to see one another occasionally, but the last time was more than three years ago now.

The last time we saw each other she was getting married, and would move down to a small coastal city and was basically out of work. Now she’s running a small recruitment firm and busy with her MBA and busy buying a smart oversized SUV. An expensive SUV.

She’s excited by it, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Although honestly, I am always a sucker for enthusiasm – despite the draining I am experiencing at work at the moment.

Of course, this impressed me no end as I thought of the little girl I used to know, and how we’ve grown up since school. Some of my peers – like this ex – are doing very well, and I immediately felt a pang of self pity because I am not driving around in a big, smart, expensive SUV.

Should I be impressed with it. Should I worry about not being ahead in the money game? Should I be more concerned with money than anything else, as all my friends seem to be?

Surely money is important – or rather the lack of money is important. In my line of work I have not made piles of cash, and to be honest it’s sometimes quite hard for us. We always have food, but we don’t nearly have all the luxuries other people our age seem to have.

After a minute or two of musing on my own financial shortcomings, I remembered that I definately am ahead on some fronts.

This old flame of mine, for example, don’t have children yet. Even more sadly, she’ll never be able to have children. So there she is, in her lovely four wheel drive, all big and empty. Surely my lovely family counts for something?

I might not have a lot of money, but I am rich in love.


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