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Wit of man

29 January 2007

I have to stay disciplined an attempt daily posts on this blog. The last couple of days have been busy, and I have neglected all my blogs, at least not only this one. On the train home, watching a video podcast of Newsnight discussing the closures of the military hospitals. The former chief of the […]

Lazy, excuses, or reasons?

26 January 2007

I have been a bit lax in my postings. The last couple of days were spent migrating all my posts from the useless Blogger service to the wonderful WordPress, as well as my first foray into AdSense. My four other blogs are now plastered (tastefully?) with those annoying little stupid Google ads one sees al […]

Migrate migraine

22 January 2007

Despite my self-imposed rule of blogging everyday, I might miss a day or two this week. I’m busy migrating all my previous posts from Blogger, which is an appalling site. After having a quick look at migration tools on the web, it seemed most of them were rather migraine tools. I only have 20 odd […]

Cory does well

15 January 2007

I’m impressed with Cory, but also more than a little envious. His new book of SF short stories is out, and he’s been nominated for numerous awards including a Hugo. In addition to this he writes for some of the best publications in the United States, and he is also the founder of the influential […]

Creating is life

14 January 2007

Oh, how wonderful it feels to be productive again. Being able to create something – sometimes anything – is absolutely wonderful!

Where are my manners and my remember-things-part

11 January 2007

I have to admit, blogger is not working for me. I’m used to WordPress, and have both my own personal blog on a server I manage myself as well as another blog run by someone else but also using WordPress. This is my third blog attempt on Blogger, and it’s always been disappointing. Yesterday saw […]