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A dark and stormy night

16 January 2007

What a terrible title for something truly terrifying. Surely this is one of my darkest and most stormy nights. I am always reminded of the honourable Winston Churchill, who referred to his moods as ‘the black dog’. when I am low as I am tonight, I have barely enough energy left to fully appreciate that […]

Tired and sore

15 January 2007

I got to bed late last night publishing another video podcast, but at least little Ada kept me up all night. Consequently I’m dead tired, but not too tired to spend my first real session in the new gym. Great, now I’m tired and sore. Added to this the internet connection at the office was […]

Where are my manners and my remember-things-part

11 January 2007

I have to admit, blogger is not working for me. I’m used to WordPress, and have both my own personal blog on a server I manage myself as well as another blog run by someone else but also using WordPress. This is my third blog attempt on Blogger, and it’s always been disappointing. Yesterday saw […]