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In defense of pen and paper

5 February 2007

The problem with online journalling is that I can’t always write down things as I think of them. Perhaps the old pen-and-paper routine with a little pocketbook has its advantages? To be honest, though, it’s not really a problem of the medium, but rather the environment. I am connected for most of my day. In […]

Sadam beats me

26 January 2007

I found the Sadam video on YouTube today. It’s about two and a half minutes. I have seen thousands of deaths on television. I have been on my knees – face against the wall and hands tied behind my back – with a gun at my head myself. Despite all of that, I am amazingly […]

More than a feeling

11 January 2007

The problem with modern science is that everything is empirical. In other words we only accept what we can observe directly. The contradiction in this, of course is that we trust on faith the moment we document the proof and then ask other people to believe our observations. Science demands empirical proof only, yet it […]

Where are my manners and my remember-things-part

11 January 2007

I have to admit, blogger is not working for me. I’m used to WordPress, and have both my own personal blog on a server I manage myself as well as another blog run by someone else but also using WordPress. This is my third blog attempt on Blogger, and it’s always been disappointing. Yesterday saw […]

Nearly guilt ridden

8 January 2007

For the first time in my life I called in sick when indeed I wasn’t really. I only went to bed after one and was woken again just before five. And I needed to give some precious attention to someone missing her family a lot. All in all, I needed the sleep and other people […]

Gentleman, start your engrams

1 January 2007

New day, new beginning. I despise the artificial new beginnings brought on by feelings of guilt around this time of year. He says while beginning a new diary on New Year’s Day. In my defence: in this instance it was useful to abuse the expectations of a new year. I have to start this journal […]