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Shocked by moderate liberals

22 February 2007

What a shocking morning for me. It started out with a discussion of the on-line petitions, specifically the road tax and other issues. It quickly became an unsettling encounter with racism. On the way to work I met a respected man fro our community. He is at least a decade or more older than we […]

Crass contrast

1 February 2007

About ten years ago our philosophy professor prescribed his newly published book for our course on multiculturalism. The term assignment was to study it and write a critical analysis. Instead of focussing on his theories and arguments about why multiculturalism has worked wonderfully in South Africa – this was only the middle nineties – I […]

Racism is a vicious circle

7 January 2007

One of the best reasons to have emigrated from South Africa is racism. It is a beautiful country, mostly because it’s still the home of all my friends and some family. But racism is a problem. Despite having had democratic elections nearly 12 years ago now, people on both sides are still obsessed with racism […]