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Shocked by moderate liberals

22 February 2007

What a shocking morning for me. It started out with a discussion of the on-line petitions, specifically the road tax and other issues. It quickly became an unsettling encounter with racism. On the way to work I met a respected man fro our community. He is at least a decade or more older than we […]

Changing the world today, changing the world tomorrow

15 February 2007

It has been a good day at work. I dreaded today initially because I was literally booked solid with meetings for the whole day, but they have all been (mostly) constructive and productive. The best was the lunchtime brainstorm we had planning a new project. It’s amazing to be involved with such a creative process, […]

Crass contrast

1 February 2007

About ten years ago our philosophy professor prescribed his newly published book for our course on multiculturalism. The term assignment was to study it and write a critical analysis. Instead of focussing on his theories and arguments about why multiculturalism has worked wonderfully in South Africa – this was only the middle nineties – I […]

Military complex to guilt complex

27 January 2007

As a born African – and having taught the brightest young technology minds in Africa for the last seven years, I am qualified to have an opinion on the future of Africa. At least, let me narrow it down to South Africa. Westerners should stop measuring African success by European standards. Africa only has problems […]

Slightly off centre

21 January 2007

On the train, back from work. It’s 23:44 on a Saturday night and the train leaves in 6 minutes. My travelling companions are drunk, on alcohol, on life, on some other addictive drug. My body is tired and sore, having spent time in the gym. A quick trip into the city to visit the gym. […]

A warning from below

19 January 2007

I woke up to quite a distressing email today. Yes, I have father issues. My father has father issues. It seems to be hereditary, which is partly why I am so relieved at only having daughters. Besides, I work damn hard to consciously do everything in my power to ‘remain their hero’ in all its […]

Racism is a vicious circle

7 January 2007

One of the best reasons to have emigrated from South Africa is racism. It is a beautiful country, mostly because it’s still the home of all my friends and some family. But racism is a problem. Despite having had democratic elections nearly 12 years ago now, people on both sides are still obsessed with racism […]