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Changing the world today, changing the world tomorrow

15 February 2007

It has been a good day at work. I dreaded today initially because I was literally booked solid with meetings for the whole day, but they have all been (mostly) constructive and productive. The best was the lunchtime brainstorm we had planning a new project. It’s amazing to be involved with such a creative process, […]

Personal vs career

15 February 2007

Last night Kay made one of those comments that I absolutely love her for. Perhaps I enjoyed the comment just because I want to hear it. But I like to believe I enjoyed it because it’s true. On third thoughts, perhaps I enjoyed it because I want to hear it and it’s true. They’re not […]

Regular work worries

29 January 2007

It’s not easy working for an ambitious American, especially when she’s older than I am and not a parent herself. She is well intentioned, but it’s still difficult to relate the priorities and difficulties of a working parent. Although she tries to understand, a natural misunderstanding exists which needs to be bridged first. And of […]

Lazy, excuses, or reasons?

26 January 2007

I have been a bit lax in my postings. The last couple of days were spent migrating all my posts from the useless Blogger service to the wonderful WordPress, as well as my first foray into AdSense. My four other blogs are now plastered (tastefully?) with those annoying little stupid Google ads one sees al […]

You can leave home without it

23 January 2007

Bloody hell it’s been a tough day. On the one hand I’m busy with the most mind numbingly boring work I’ve ever done in my entire existence, and on the other hand I’m supposed to be everything from a technical project manager to a ground breaking editor. At east these last two area are slightly […]

Slightly off centre

21 January 2007

On the train, back from work. It’s 23:44 on a Saturday night and the train leaves in 6 minutes. My travelling companions are drunk, on alcohol, on life, on some other addictive drug. My body is tired and sore, having spent time in the gym. A quick trip into the city to visit the gym. […]

Ambitionless top management

19 January 2007

It’s a sad day: the Head of our team’s contract ended. This has led to a lot of conversation among us about the organisation, but especially about ourselves and our contracts, our views, our ambitions and our ideas. Interestingly, two of my colleagues clearly stated that they had absolutely no ambition to ever be top […]

Cory does very good

17 January 2007

As a follow on of an earlier post, I listened to an interview with Cory Doctorow today discussing writing and his take on it. Not only was I impressed, but it was thoroughly entertaining whilst also being educational. I appreciate the fact that he admitted to not having the work load and responsibilities of fatherhood. […]

Cory does well

15 January 2007

I’m impressed with Cory, but also more than a little envious. His new book of SF short stories is out, and he’s been nominated for numerous awards including a Hugo. In addition to this he writes for some of the best publications in the United States, and he is also the founder of the influential […]

Tired and sore

15 January 2007

I got to bed late last night publishing another video podcast, but at least little Ada kept me up all night. Consequently I’m dead tired, but not too tired to spend my first real session in the new gym. Great, now I’m tired and sore. Added to this the internet connection at the office was […]